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Our Story

Since our inception, Global Policy Research Group has been guided by a desire to deliver actionable policies.

The idea of establishing GPRG came about as a realization that most think tanks and research institutes do not provide detailed policy solutions, which constitutes a gap in the "policy market." GPRG aims to fill this gap by focusing on delivering fine-grained, context-specific policy options. By bridging this gap, GPRG aims to be a trailblazer for innovation in an industry otherwise short of young perspectives.

Being located in Lund, Sweden, presents us with the opportunity to tap into a wealth of resources and talent. The city of Lund is home to one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in both Scandinavia and Europe while being situated within the Greater Copenhagen urban area. 


GPRG specializes in seven research areas: economics, EU, international affairs and security, good governance, environment development and AI governance. Our forward-looking methodology enables us to zoom out to get the bigger picture, identify opportunities and risks for specific policies and compare different policy options.

Our researchers have advised decision makers in government, industry, and civil society. Our alumni have gone on to policy roles in various governments, United Nations agencies, EU and Council of Europe.

We moreover work together with our Board of Advisors, composed of individuals from business and institutions such as the European Parliament, who assist us with topics like outreach and developing organizational structures, and our Scientific Council, composed of distinguished professors, who offer us guidance on advancing our research practices and occasionally provide commentary on our output. Drawing on the expertise of our network of eminent scholars and advisors, our analysis benefits from up-to-date expert knowledge.


As a forward-looking policy think tank from the Nordics, GPRG aims to be the policy hub for next-generation policymakers by bringing senior researchers, young professionals, and students together. GPRG carves a unique discussion space for everyone interested in improving the quality of policy making through publications, initiatives, events, and social media.


With policy teams from a number of disciplines and major issue areas, GPRG applies creative approaches to develop ideas for policymakers that lead to real change. Our extensive communication and outreach efforts allow us to adapt to a rapidly changing media landscape and move our ideas in the national and international policy debate.


GPRG's vision is to establish itself as the policy hub of the Nordics and shape the future of policy-making. We are guided by a distinct set of values: non-partisanship, independent thought, innovative thinking, cross-disciplinary scholarship, integrity, professionalism, and talent development. GPRG's values operate in harmony toward the goal of making a real-world impact.

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