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Research Fellows

Economics Program leads the GPRG’s work on economic policy. Policy solutions to issues facing the world economy, as well as regions and countries, including the pandemic, prospects for growth, inflation, energy and the environment, inequality, labor issues, emerging markets, and the impact of new technologies are explored.

Current Research

The GPRG Economics Team is currently engaged in a pivotal project, focusing on the pressing issue of Jordan's structural unemployment. Our latest research, titled "Jordan's Structural Unemployment Problem: Realigning Incentives and Improving Employment-matching," in collaboration with Jordan Strategy Forum, delves into the intricate challenge of a highly educated yet underemployed workforce in Jordan. The study examines the deep-rooted preference for public sector jobs among young Jordanians and its consequent impact on the alignment of educational paths with the market's evolving demands. Employing sophisticated analytical methods, our team provides insightful recommendations aimed at enhancing employment-matching processes, reforming public sector hiring practices, and realigning educational trajectories with the private sector's needs. This project is a testament to our commitment to addressing complex economic issues with thorough research and innovative policy solutions.

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Calvin Schumann
Research Fellow
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Enrico Truzzi
Research Fellow
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Gabrielle Rosenstengel
Research Fellow

Economics Program


Policy Paper

Jordan's Structural Unemployment Problem

Realigning Incentives and Improving Employment-matching

Jan 10, 2024

Policy Paper

Diversifying and Adding Value

Practices for Building Resilience In The Burkinabé Economy

Jan 15, 2023

Policy Paper

Fiscal Policy Responses to Future Crises

How Sweden Should Incorporate an Extensive Regional Dimension for the Next Crises in the Post-COVID19 Period

Sep 15, 2022

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