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Diversifying and Adding Value

Diversifying and Adding Value

Practices for Building Resilience In The Burkinabé Economy

Jan 15, 2023

Economics- Burkina Faso
Download PDF • 2.32MB

GPRG Economics Program is thrilled to share the release of our second paper: Diversifying and Adding Value: Practices for Building Resilience in the Burkinabé Economy

Economic development is unequally distributed across space. While some countries are able to both create and sustain economic growth and progress, others seem unable to change their growth trajectories, leaving them stuck in a persistent state of underdevelopment. Similarly to most ex-colonies, Burkina Faso was left behind in its economic development. Having been a French colony until 1960, the independent history of Burkina Faso began only recently, and the country is still recovering from years of exploration. Besides that, the problems faced by Burkina Faso are very well known around the world, and public opinion appears to very much be fixated on those issues. However, regardless of the undeniable existence of the issues, the country has remarkable potential to grow and develop.

You can find the full version of the paper above.

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