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Melting Ice, Rising Tensions

Melting Ice, Rising Tensions

The Future of Swedish Arctic Foreign and Security Policy

Mar 30, 2023

Melting Ice, Rising Tensions
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GPRG International Affairs and Security Program is thrilled to share the release of our new policy paper:

Melting Ice, Rising Tensions: The Future of Swedish Arctic Foreign and Security Policy

The Arctic region, once viewed as a peaceful and cooperative region, has become a hotbed of geopolitical tensions due to climate change.This environmental transformation has led to the melting of ice, unlocking a wealth of previously inaccessible land and seabed resources, lucrative shipping lanes, and new fishing grounds all of which has led to overlapping claims to continental shelves and sea routes by Russia, China, and the United States.

On February 24th, 2022, the fragile status quo received a final blow when the Russian military made a brazen move and set foot on Ukrainian soil. The shockwaves of this act of aggression reverberated throughout the world, leaving a trail of apprehension and uncertainty in its wake.

In this high-stakes game of political maneuvering as such, major and regional powers are jockeying for position in the Arctic's future, where the region's importance will only continue to grow. Among the Arctic states, Sweden stands at the forefront of these developments, navigating an array of challenges and opportunities in a rapidly shifting landscape. As early movers stand to gain the most from the changing dynamics, Sweden must seize the moment and position itself for the future, starting today. The nation cannot afford to remain passive in the face of the growing conflict and claims; it must be proactive and position itself for the future. Therefore, Sweden needs to revamp its Arctic Foreign and Security Policy.

You can find the paper above.

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