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GPRG's Board decides on short and long-term strategy, adopts the research programs and sets the budget. 


Bahadir Sirin

Founder & President

As the Founder and President, Bahadir directs GPRG’s long-term strategy, leads partner engagements, and oversees research and executive matters. Bahadir previously held positions in a think tank, media outlets, a university, and a Swedish development agency. He authored a number of reports and articles. Bahadir, a graduate of Development Studies and Economics at Lund University. His intellectual interests span a wide range, including economics, international affairs, cognitive and behavioral sciences, philosophy, and AI. He speaks English and Turkish.

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Jonathan Ramani Christopher

Board Member

Jonathan is a Board Member at GPRG, responsible for overseeing the organizations strategic objectives and guiding the executive team.


He is currently pursuing a BSc in Statistics at Lund University.His academic focus centers on macroeconomics and asset pricing.


As a former Head of the Economics Program at GPRG, he co-authored a paper analyzing the impact of Covid-19 fiscal stimulus on regional GDP in Sweden.


Jonathan is fluent in English, Swedish, Japanese, and Tamil.In his spare time, he enjoys reading and playing the saxophone.

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August Jonson

Board Member

August is a Board Member at GPRG, responsible for overseeing the organizations strategic objective and guiding the executive team. He is currently pursuing two degrees at Lund University, one BSc in economics, and one BSc in economy & society. He has previously studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara.


His academic interests centers on integration of different social studies into the field of economics, most centrally psychology.


He has experience in organizational management, and has worked with questions pertaining to cooperation in multicultural environments.


August is fluent in English and Swedish, and speaks Spanish. In his spare time he is a hobby actor and musician, and an avid sailor.

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Nabyiel Marionel

Board Member

Nabyiel is a Board Member at GRPG, where he advises the Board in numerous legal matters and is the primary contact within the organization for any legal questions.


He furthermore plays an active part in drafting external applications as well as the organization's statutes and regulatory documents.


As a law student at Lund University, Nabyiel is particularly interested in business law and family law. He also finds himself interested in various aspects relating to human rights law. He recently wrote his equivalent to a bachelor's thesis on the topic of sexual life as a requirement according to Sweden’s Cohabitees Act.


Nabyiel is a native speaker of Indonesian and is fluent in both Swedish and English.

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