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GPRG's Board decides on short and long-term strategy, adopts the research programs and sets the budget. 


Bahadir Sirin

Founder & President

As the Founder and President, Bahadir directs GPRG’s long-term strategy, leads partner engagements, and oversees research and executive matters. Bahadir previously held positions in a think tank, media outlets, a university, and a Swedish development agency. He authored a number of reports and articles. Bahadir, a graduate of Development Studies, is finishing up his studies in Economics at Lund University. His intellectual interests span a wide range, including economics, international affairs, cognitive and behavioral sciences, philosophy, and AI. He speaks English and Turkish.

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Hikmet H. Guler

Founding Board Member

Hikmet is a Founding Board Member of GPRG. As a member of the board, he contributes on the internal development and strategy of the organization – in particular, on methodologies, team and work structures and competencies within the scope of the vision and mission of the organization.


Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the University of Potsdam, Hikmet’s research specializations include migration and labor market policies as well as digitalization in the public sector. Hikmet’s interests and practice combine career development, design thinking and consulting as well as an active defense for the beauty in Brutalism. Hikmet speaks English, Russian, German and Turkish.

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