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Publications / International Affairs & Security Program


Australia Strives to become the Next Green Energy Superpower in ASEAN

May 14, 2024

Policy Paper

From Vilnius and Beyond:

Unraveling the Strategic Potential of NATO's Nordic and Central Eastern European Allies

Aug 31, 2023


ICT Sector Thrives in Turkey, But Not Without Risks

May 16, 2024


Libya Takes Bold Leap from Chaos to Order

Apr 9, 2024

Policy Paper

Melting Ice, Rising Tensions

The Future of Swedish Arctic Foreign and Security Policy

Mar 30, 2023


Pipeline Politics

Exploring the Potential for Turkey-EU Cooperation in the Energy Sector

Mar 8, 2024


Russia Launches Blockchain Initiative to Challenge U.S. Dollar's Global Dominance

Mar 29, 2024


Semiconductors Spark a New Era of Global Competition

Mar 12, 2024


The Essequibo Equation: Oil, Sovereignty, and the Shadow of Conflict

Apr 6, 2024

Policy Paper

The Future of Swedish Foreign Policy

How Should Sweden Navigate in Precarious European Security Landscape?

Sep 5, 2022


The Geopolitics of AI Regulation

EU's Ambitious Move and the Global Power Play

Mar 11, 2024


The Mattei Plan Promises a New Era of Italy-Africa Relations

Mar 30, 2024

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