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Navigating Towards 2030

Navigating Towards 2030

A Comprehensive Approach to Eliminating Child Labor in Jordan

Aug 1, 2023

Navigating Toward 2023
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Child labor, a dire global issue affecting millions, continues to endanger the well-being, education, and future of countless children. In a world where 1 in 10 children are trapped in this debilitating cycle, the need for comprehensive understanding and decisive action is paramount. Addressing this urgent challenge, GPRG's new policy paper, "Navigating Towards 2030: A Comprehensive Approach to Eliminating Child Labor in Jordan," embarks on a meticulous exploration of the prevalence, underlying causes, and far-reaching consequences of child labor in Jordan. Through rigorous analysis, this study reveals the complex factors contributing to child labor, from poverty to lack of education, and proposes strategic recommendations for alleviating this deeply entrenched problem. Visit our study to explore these insights and join us in our pursuit to secure a brighter, more equitable future for children around the world.

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