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Research Fellows

GPRG's EU Program serves as a crucial resource for the policy-making community and beyond, providing analyses and research that help inform policymakers, stimulate public debate, and expand knowledge about issues in wider Europe. Rather than spotlighting day-to-day issues, the program concentrates on long-term developments and how such issues impact stability and growth in the region and its relations with the other regions. The EU Program's meetings, conferences, and reports assess the policy implications of regional developments (political, economic, and social), the EU's role in the international arena, strategic threats to and from the regional states, and the role and future prospects of the region's energy problems.

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Aryna Creangă
Research Fellow
Current Research

The EU team zeros in on the issue of enlargement, particularly with reference to Western Balkans. Drawing on literature and expertise on disinformation covering the countries of Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia and France, we use the case study approach to determine how the problem is similar and dissimilar within the EU and how discourse is affected by solutions currently put in place. Relying on the findings from the research process, we propose solutions that could be applied to combat the problem on the national and European Union level. 

EU Program


Policy Paper

Countering Disinformation Activities

How to Tackle Disinformation on Migration in the EU

Aug 16, 2022

Policy Paper

Raising Public Awareness on EU Enlargement

A Multi-Level Approach

Jan 19, 2023

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