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Toxic Neglect

Toxic Neglect

A Comprehensive Primer on Lead Exposure

Jan 29, 2024

Lead Exposure
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GPRG Development Program shares the release of our paper: Toxic Neglect: A Comprehensive Primer on Lead Exposure. Lead exposure, a silent epidemic, is claiming a million lives each year in low- and middle-income countries- more than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined while affecting one in three children globally. Yet, this critical issue often escapes the spotlight, overshadowed by other health crises. As a highly potent neurotoxin without a safe exposure level, lead can cause significant brain damage and reduce future economic productivity. It's estimated that lead exposure contributes to more than 20% of the educational disparities between higher and lower income nations, causing an economic burden of around $1 trillion globally. While at first glance lead exposure might appear to be a lesser concern in higher-income countries, a more detailed examination of the data reveals a different, more concerning reality. In this paper, we aim to address key informative questions about lead exposure, offering a comprehensive overview, its implications, and the prevailing policy landscape.

You can find the paper above!

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