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Sustainable Energy

The Development Program at GPRG covers a diverse range of topics within sustainable development, encompassing issues such as poverty reduction, food security, gender equality, and access to education and healthcare. The program draws together the latest development research from around the world, with a focus on addressing key issues facing the future of sustainable development. Our research is grounded in theory, backed by empirical evidence, and designed to be applicable in real-world settings. Our team of researchers actively engages in international research projects and contributes to policy networks, ensuring that our work is informed by the latest thinking and has real-world impact.

Current Research

The current research focus of the Development Program is on the causes, magnitude and long-term impacts of child labour and its health impacts in Jordan.

Development Program

Research Fellows

Happy Portrait
Adriana Raygada
Research Fellow
Happy Portrait
Semhal Getachew Teka
Head of Program
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Sheryl N. Ruiz
Research Fellow


Policy Paper

Navigating Towards 2030

Aug 1, 2023

Policy Paper

Breastfeeding in Crisis

Jan 23, 2023

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