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Sustainable Energy

GPRG's Environmental Solutions Program is motivated by a desire to find feasible and effective solutions to environmental problems. Through research and collaboration, the program aims to identify and address environmental problems, and develop sustainable and innovative solutions that protect our planet for future generations. The program will focus on key areas such as air and water pollution, climate change, waste management, sustainable housing and biodiversity conservation, to name a few. With a team of experts and stakeholders, we will work to create a sustainable future for all.

Current Research

The current research focus of the "Environmental Solutions" program is on sustainable housing and the construction sector. We aim to address the growing housing demand and the inadequate response from governments, while also addressing the negative impact of resource overuse and emissions in the construction sector on the environment. Our research aims to identify and explore avenues for providing housing in a significantly more sustainable manner, that can positively affect housing creation rates in Europe. Our goal is to provide solutions that will not only benefit the citizens but also the environment. We will be looking into various aspects of sustainable housing such as energy-efficient designs, use of renewable materials, and reducing the carbon footprint of construction. By finding sustainable solutions to the housing crisis, we can help create a more comfortable and inclusive society for all Europeans.

Environmental Solutions Program

Research Fellows

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Katharina Fey
Head of Program


Policy Paper

Securing Green Transition

Jul 20, 2023

Policy Paper

Sustainable Approaches to the European Housing Crisis

Jan 18, 2023

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