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GPRG’s research programs are dedicated to the most pressing issues facing Sweden and the world. Led by our researchers, these programs are the intellectual foundation of GPRG.


Economics Program

The Economics Program studies key developments in the regional and global economies, examines their interactions, and develops specific policy proposals.

Image by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

International Affairs and Security Program

GPRG's Security and International Affairs team provides a fresh look through detailed, forward-looking policies to help navigate the emerging security landscape. 

Image by Guillaume Périgois

EU Program

GPRG's EU team highlights the importance of studying both a region and a union while also addressing challenges in wider Europe.

Image by Darryl Low

Good Governance Program

The Good Governance Program works on improving the conduct of public affairs and management of public resources, enhancing democratic governance and increasing effective political participation. 

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